February 27, 2004

February Happenings

THANK YOU so very very much to all of the kind friends and family who have sent Lauren cards and notes. Lauren is having a pretty miserable time in Alabama (Air Force JAG training), and she does not have access to the internet. Your good wishes have meant the world to her (and me) and have made her feel SO much better!!!
Other news - I have been cast in the ensemble of "Anything Goes"!!! Our first read thru was incredibly funny particularly since we have hams Gary McNulty, Mark Johnson and Terry McEnroe in the cast. It'll be a one-up-manship show!!! The cast of 44 sounded fantastic already - you should all definitely plan to see the show - the dates once again are April 23, 24, 30, May 1, 7 and 8 at 8pm, and Sun. April 25 at 2pm. Performances are at Misner Auditorium at Central School in Glencoe. Tickets are $14 in advance and $17 at the door. Be sure to call me for tickets! Speaking of tickets, I am in charge of tickets for ATG, and also I am doing the publicity. It's going to be a busy time for me.
Charlie, (the border collie), has been lonely without his beloved Lauren. He is taking his frustration out on my moulding, chair legs, wallpaper and dry wall. Oh yes, and my kitchen cabinet. I'll be due for a complete remodeling job pretty soon. I told Charlie it was a good thing he's cute.

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