Party Summer 2003

Work friends
My work friends, from left to right: Adam, Jeff, Dehlia (Adam's girlfriend, not sure of the spelling), Barry, and Steve
More friends
Craig (Lauren's boyfriend), Nino, and Christine (who live in the apartment above me)
Good friend Jason
More friends
Alyssa, Lisa, Mel, and Alyssa's husband (I've forgotten his name as I write this, sorry!)
Lauren, Steve, Alyssa
Lauren, Steve and Alyssa
Alyssa and her husband
Alyssa and her husband. How cute!
Lauren, Craig, Lisa 1
Lauren, Craig, and Lisa
Lauren, Steve, Lisa
Lauren, Steve, and Lisa
Beer Cans
We had waaay too much liquor. There are beer cans in the back. In the front is some Heineken that we couldn't even fit into the fridge, and some Goose Island Root Beer (I didn't realize Goose Island made Root Beer!)
Nino and Christine
Nino and Christine (neighbors from upstairs). Aren't they a cute couple?