Lauren's Law School Graduation

Before the ceremony
Sitting to the right of the stage.
  Waiting to receive diploma
Ok, this picture isn't so great, either. Can you see her?
Receiving diploma copy
Receiving diploma closer
Walking back to seat
Family and friends watching
Right to left: Mom, Johanna, Stephanie, Stu, Anita.
Family and friends 2
Left to right: Johanna, Mom, me, Craig.
Eating food outside, we were starved. It was freezing cold out and windy, too.
Lauren happy
Lauren's happy that she's finally done.
Lauren happy 2
Lauren 3
Lauren and Craig silly
I'm not sure why Lauren and Craig have these silly looks on their faces.
Lauren and Craig normal
Ahh, that's better.
Mom camera
Pictures! Need to take more pictures!
Lauren surprised
"What, why are you taking a picture of me from down there?"
DiDomenico family
Lauren and Steve
Rifkinds and Lauren
Rifkinds and Lauren 2
Lauren and Mark
Lauren and Craig, again
Johanna and Lauren
Lauren 4
Uncle Stu
Cousin Steve with bike
Nice bike!