September 29, 2003

We have a new puppy!

We recently got a new puppy! My sister thought that this would be a good time to get one since she'll be at home during the day. His name is Charlie, and he's a very cute border collie.

Our other dog (Pom-pom) is a bit jealous of the attention Charlie's been getting, and has been a bit crabby lately. She growls at him when he tries to get her to play. Her mood has gotten slightly better over the past week or two, though.

One interesting thing is that Charlie won't fetch; he'll get the ball when you throw it, but then he'll walk off with it and won't bring it back. We've had retrievers before and I guess the nature to fetch is built-in. Oh well, at least he's really good at tug-of-war!

Check out all of the pictures of Charlie.

Thumbnail photo of Charlie
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September 14, 2003

Can the GPL be revoked?

A couple of weeks ago Ohio State (who maintains an open source software package called Prospero) took this software off of their website, and sent out a message saying, "...any license previously hereby terminated and revoked..." "...All users...are immediately required to discontinue use and distribution of the software...".

But the software was originally released under the GNU GPL. Can the GPL just be revoked? What should outside developers and users of the software do? It brings to mind the question of whether it is possible for companies to release GPL software and then later yank it away with legal FUD.

Rumor is that Ohio State may have accidentally included proprietary software with Prospero, and may have a pending lawsuit against them for distributing it, which may explain why they removed the software from their site.

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September 1, 2003

Party! Woohoo!

Thumbnail photo of party

A couple of weeks ago I had a party at my place (sorry I'm so late getting these pictures up)! This is the first gathering I've had at my place. It was a great time, good music, and interesting stories. If you weren't invited or didn't hear about the party, I apologize--I wanted to keep things small for this party. I'll invite more people next time.

Be sure to check out the pictures from the party. I didn't get pictures of everyone, though--I brought out the camera later in the evening.

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