March 4, 2003

Tulio DiDomenico — Jan. 15, 1919 - Feb. 20, 2003

A couple of weeks ago we lost Tio DiDomenico, who passed away at the age of 84. When I was young I remember my grandfather coming home from working at his restaurant, wearing a yellow suit with matching yellow dress shoes. I don't think I've _ever_ seen yellow dress shoes, before or after that time. He also had a very thick Chicago accent; I loved how he said certain words, like "wit" (with) or "trut" (truth). Before he had a stroke a few years ago, he was able to add up a whole column of numbers just by running his finger down it. I also remember helping set up tables at the restaurant, and Grandpa would make sure they were all perfectly lined up in a row. We'll miss you, Grandpa!

Posted by steve at 10:04 PM