September 11, 2004

Hole in Katie's Car

First, let me say sorry for the lack of updates! I've been really lazy about getting stuff on the site. I'll be putting much more stuff on here in the future.

Take a look at what happened to Katie's car while she was at Oakbrook Mall the other day. She went into the mall, came back, and it looks like someone shot her car. We still have yet to determine what kind of gun caused the hole. I can rule out a BB gun; I figure it was either an air rifle or perhaps even a small handgun. Anyone have any ideas? (click on the photos to see a larger picture)

Edit: Katie told me that it wasn't at Oakbrook Mall, but at a forest preserve in Oakbrook. Also, note I added a sharper picture (the top one).

Posted by steve at September 11, 2004 11:59 AM


Steve, if it was any type propelled object it would be BB or pellet. I honestly don't think it came from a firearm. More than likely someone puched it with something.

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