February 5, 2004

Meta Weblog

I just want to quickly point out that Chris Karr (who works in Academic Technology at Northwestern) has created a blog about blogs around the University (a meta weblog). He's been kind enough to include my site on his list! Now if I could just include some interesting content in my blog, I'll be all set... :)

Chris has a couple blogs of his own: http://aetherial.net/ for technical thoughts, and http://aetherial.nu/ for more random thoughts.

Posted by steve at February 5, 2004 11:28 PM


hi. i was bored. im in computer class, but i searched didomenico and your site came up. hah we have the same last name!

I, too, have the same last name...and I'm a different Nicole than she who posted on April 26th.

Any relation to DiDomenico's out of Syracuse or Albany, NY???

No i live in new york but not albany. sorry i was so late